Sifu Wes Hussey | WCK UK Organisation

Sifu Wes Hussey
WCKUK Chief Instructor & Founder

I started training Wing Chun over 22 years ago, it continues to be one of my main passions in life.

I’ve been lucky enough to have trained with a number of Wing Chun Masters and Grandmasters from all over the world, who I would like to personally thank for all the knowledge and wisdom they passed on.

14 years ago I took the decision to only teach private lessons, at first I only taught a few hours a week, now teach and train up to 8 hours a day. This allows me the opportunity to give other people the chance to gain the positive attributes Wing Chun has given me. 

Since setting up the WCKUK Organisation I've helped 100's of students reach there TG (black belt) level, and in recent years a number of PG (master) level students, as well having students go on to become instructors under the WCKUK banner. I’m very proud to have such a dedicated team of talented instructors that share the same goals that I do.

I am currently seeking new students who are interested in learning the complete art of Wing Chun including the Bart Cham Dao, Luk Dim Boon Kwan, and the Saam Sing Chong forms. 

I take students on from the ages of 18 and up.

If you would like to try Wing Chun out, all you need to do is get in touch and I'll arrange a free lesson to see if what I offer is for you.

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