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I began training with Sifu Wes around two and a half years ago. Before meeting him I had attained 2nd TG in another school, but was disenchanted with the lack of progress I felt had been made. A lack of progress spanning 3 years prior – where I felt like I seemingly only learned new sequences and patterns, with no new achievement in fundamental knowledge.

Luckily, I caught a colleague at work practicing Wing Chun in the print room, and we began talking all things Wing Chun. After witnessing the quality of his movements, and hearing his stories of how fortunate he was to have found a Sifu like Wes – a teacher that he was completely satisfied with – I asked if he could try and arrange a meeting.

With an open mind, and a willingness to experience some of what I had heard, through word of mouth, my regular training partner and I went to meet Sifu Wes.

Our first session with Sifu Wes was nothing short of mind blowing… like when you experience something you love, and want to do it again straight away. We spoke about Wing Chun, my then disenchantment, and future aspirations, along with a whole host of other WC related sub-topics. Somewhere along the way we exchanged movements and I saw how they differed from what I was used to. Subtle differences between what I thought I knew, and what was correct were highlighted in a practical way…

Finally, following an exchange of Gore Sau with Sifu Wes, I realised that, instead of being ‘pretty good’, ‘one of the best in my class’, or what I considered a skill level 9, I was actually a skill level 2… at best…

My training partner and I left from the meeting, and there was no debate… we immediately agreed between ourselves to train with Sifu Wes from there on out.

Through dedication and Sifu Wes’ patience, plus his ability to explain things in depth and in a clear and concise manner, the progression we have made is noticeable. I always come away from a session having learned something, and have plenty to practice.

Sifu Wes’ understanding and ability to explain concepts and movements along with his knowledge of the complete Wing Chun system is second to none. This statement comes from someone who has touched hands with all the usual masters in Germany, and has personally had 9 regular teachers over the course of his Wing Chun life.

Testimonial for Sifu Wes Hussey

I started private tuition with Sifu Wes 10 years ago. Lessons are well structured and tailored to the student’s needs, with every aspect of the art being thoroughly explained. The standard of my Wing Chun took a quantum leap and continues to improve, currently training towards 5th PG level. I can recommend Sifu Wes to anybody who wants to learn the complete system of Wing Chun.

Testimonial for Sifu Wes Hussey

I have trained Wing Chun and WingTsun now for over 12 years in Germany, after moving back to the UK I tried out a few of the local Wing Chun classes in my area, however none seem to really tick the boxes I was looking for. One school filled half the lesson with fitness training and the other school I tried the instructor seemed very defensive the minute I asked about his background and how long he had trained for.

Luckly I was introduced to Sifu Wes Hussey, and I was completely amazed how skillful he was, and the amount of Wing Chun knowledge he had! I thought I’d heard and seen it all however within 5 minutes I felt like a complete beginner. I asked Sifu Wes if I could mix it up and within the first few movements in Chi Sau I found myself hitting the floor (twice!) This wasn’t a bad thing, I was happy about it as I knew in that moment I had found a new path for my training. Sifu Wes doesn’t carry the huge ego most of these instructors do and is completely open to questions and is always happy to answer them.

It’s not often I’ve been so impressed to the point of wanting to share my experience but having trained with most of the top level instructors in Europe this was another level all together. I look forward to many more years of learning and wanted to thank Sifu Wes for taking me on as a student, I am very grateful for the opportunity.

Testimonial for Sifu Wes Hussey

I have known Sifu Wes Hussey for as long as I have been training Wing Chun, which is about 8 years, and I can honestly say what a generous, honest & highly skilled martial artist he is. Since leaving my last martial arts school I have earned (not been given) my 2nd and 3rd technician grades which takes hard work and dedication to achieve. This is made easier by being taught authentic Wing Chun by a highly skilled Instructor who is knowledgeable, approachable, and doesn't mind mixing it up and teach practical everyday situations. If you are looking to learn the complete system, how it’s meant to be taught with all those little secrets shared then I would highly recommend Sifu Wes Hussey and the WCK UK Organisation to anyone.

Testimonial for Sifu Wes Hussey

Sifu Wes has been known to me for a long time as friend and Instructor. In over a decade I have trained with almost every Wing Chun/Wing Tsun exponent worth a mention and there are many excellent teachers out there to choose from and Sifu Wes is definitely high among these, however few are as unique as Sifu Wes. Sifu Wes has a sublime skill in his teaching as well as his Wing Chun and there is little doubt that he is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled practitioners on this subject in the country, that being said he is also one of the most humble and least egotistical of them all with many Sifu's sadly succumbing to the ‘legend in their own kwoon’ mentality.

I strongly urge anyone interested in learning quality Wing Chun from a true expert with a clear path that this is the person to speak to. I have worked with and trained in the media spotlight so initially had friends approach and try out a number of schools and teachers in the UK and it is with Sifu Wes that I choose to be.

Testimonial for Sifu Wes Hussey

I have been training in the art of Wing Chun for more than seven years now under various instructors. All of the instructors I have had have shown a great deal of skill both as martial artists and teachers. My journey through the martial arts has led me to become a private student of founder and chief instructor of the WCK UK organisation, Sifu Wes Hussey

Sifu Wes Hussey gives to his students not only a great knowledge of the system that they are learning but also a true understanding of it’s underlying principles, a vital ingredient in the training of Wing Chun.

I’ve been teaching Wing Chun since just before becoming a student of WCK UK and along my journey have met students from other disciplines of Wing Chun. Each time a new student from another Wing Chun system comes through our doors they are boggled by the amount of information I have to give them regarding their art. They are often confused as to why this information has not been given to them before and it would seem that none are given a reason for any technique they are doing.

Training with WCK UK is not like this at all. In my training I have been given a solid reason for every single movement that I make and am shown how to make these movements more efficient and more effective, as is the true Wing Chun way. I have on many occasions tried to catch my instructor out to no avail. A student is not expected to revere his teacher or unquestionably follow orders but is encouraged to think for himself and develop the self defence system that is best for him personally. WCK UK has no ‘secret’ techniques no special way of training and no holding back of students.

All training is offered to help the student progress further and gain a better understanding of themselves and their art. Many people ask me if I will go to China someday to learn Kung Fu from the masters there. My reply is always the same, ‘It would take me a hundred years to search China for an instructor as good as the one I have today’. I believe that Sifu Wes is one of the very few martial arts instructors who will relish the day one of his students can beat him. This is the day that the martial arts instructors job is done. From my study of western swordsmanship I have found the word ‘true’ often used to describe certain techniques, tactics or situations and I offer this word to describe Sifu Wes and the WCK UK.

Training here is true, the techniques you will learn are true, the core principles are true. This is True Wing Chun. It is with this ethos that I and all my colleagues in the WCK UK organisation are taught and it is this that we all pass on to our students.

Testimonial for Sifu Wes Hussey

I thank to this day the introduction to my Sifu, Wes Hussey. We have trained hundreds of hours together and he has always shown consistency in his training to allow an understanding of what is a very simple complete lethal defensive system. I always praise his patience and constant knowledge that always adds layers to my training, it is the detail and understanding that I feel is missed else where and it is this aspect that gives a student the respect and confidence to his art. Like most I have trained to become a better more developed and confident person that walks away from conflict but has the ability to defend themselves and family in unforeseen circumstances. I certainly have gained this confidence with Sifu Wes and my life and well being has improved dramatically and for this I could not thank him enough.

Testimonial for Sifu Wes Hussey

I have trained Wing Chun for nearly two decades and was introduced to Sifu Wes by a friend and Kung Fu brother. Sifu Wes has an exceptional Wing Chun gift, and it’s so rare to find a Sifu that passes on so much knowledge. It is great to see the system being passed on via the WCK UK group of instructors, each of which is dedicated to the art. I myself am proud to teach under the WCK UK banner and look forward to watching the organisation grow from strength to strength. Having trained under Sifu Wes for the last couple of years, my Wing Chun has been transformed. Thank you Sifu.

Testimonial for Sifu Wes Hussey

I can honestly say after training at two previous Wing Chun schools since 1999 that I have never been happier and feel that I am now finally travelling in the right direction since meeting and training privately with Sifu Wes Hussey, its nice to be a white sash again!

Testimonial for Sifu Wes Hussey